Studies can be closed at any time of the year.

Please send your request for closing of studies with your BOKU e-mail address to studienservices(at) You don't need to state any reasons.

A certificate of departure (= proof that you are no longer admitted to the respective study programme at BOKU) will be issued upon request.

If you still want to take exams in the respective semester, please send your request for closing only after you have taken the last exam and all outstanding grades have been entered. Grades cannot be entered for closed studies.

Please inform yourself in advance with the authorities concerned about possible consequences (e.g. tax office, scholarship office, Wiener Linien, etc.).


Studies are automatically closed for the following reasons:

  1. Successful completion of studies
  2. The prescribed tuition/Austrian Students' Union fee has not been paid in due time
  3. You have already paid fees at another domestic university but have not further registered your study/studies at BOKU. See:
  4. Failed STEOP (Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase), or an exam also received a negative result at the last possible admission. See:
  5. The minimum academic performance has not been achieved (for Bachelor admissions from winter semester 2022/23 onwards). Only after the expiry of a two-year suspension period can the degree programme in question be resumed.


The resumption of studies is generally possible within the respective admission period, provided that there is no reason for exclusion (see points 4 and 5). For re-admission, please write an email to studienservices(at) Should you no longer have access to BOKUonline, please attach a scan/picture of a valid official photo ID (passport / ID card or driving licence) to your email. If you interrupt your studies for more than one semester, you may need a new admission notification. You will be notified of the next steps by e-mail.

In the event of a change of curriculum in the meantime, you will be admitted to the current curriculum without exception.

Please inform yourself about further steps or the recognition of examinations after resumption, if necessary.