Admission deadlines:

Uniform deadlines for enrolment to continue studies:

Due to the discontinuation of the grace period, students will be obliged to enrol for the continuation of their studies already by 31 October (winter semester) and by 31 March (summer semester) from the winter semester 2022/23 onwards.

If you complete your studies by 31 October, you no longer have to pay for the winter semester. If you have already paid, you can apply for a refund of the study fee/student union fee ("ÖH-Beitrag"). Should you complete your studies only after this date, the refund will not be possible. The same applies if you complete your studies in the summer semester by 31 March.

The admission period for Bachelor studies begins on 20 June and ends on 5 September 2022.

The admission period for Master's studies begins on 20 June and ends on 31 October 2022.

ATTENTION: there is no more grace period! – therefore also no more increase of the study fee by 10%.

Internal admissions (Boku Bachelor to Boku Master and Boku Master to Boku Doctorate) are still possible throughout the whole year.

Academic calendar



Bachelor's degree programmes: the general university entrance qualification may also be proven by a foreign qualification, in addition to the certificates mentioned in UG §64(1), if there is no substantial difference to the general university entrance qualification according to para. 1 no. 1.

Master's studies: The general university entrance qualification for admission to a Master's degree programme shall be proven by the completion of a Bachelor's degree programme in a relevant subject, another degree programme in a relevant subject of at least the same higher education level at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution or a degree programme defined in the curriculum of the Master's degree programme. In order to compensate for significant subject-related differences, supplementary examinations may be prescribed, which must be completed by the end of the second semester of the Master's degree programme. The rectorate may specify which of these supplementary examinations are prerequisites for taking examinations provided for in the curriculum of the Master's degree programme.


Minimum academic performance (§ 59a of the University Law [UG] or § 63a of the Higher Education Law [HG]):

First-year students enrolling in a new Bachelor's degree programme from the winter semester 2022/23 on must complete a total of 16 ECTS credits within four semesters. This means that an average of 4 ECTS points must be completed per semester, which corresponds to less than one seventh of the academic performance usually prescribed for one semester (30 ECTS points).
⇨ Two-year suspension for non-achievement: If this is not achieved, the admission for the study programme concerned will expire. Only after the expiry of a two-year suspension period can a new application for admission be made.
⇨ Minimum academic performance and introductory and orientation period: The admission to the degree programme expires if the student has not passed the examinations prescribed in the Study Introductory and Orientation period (StEOP) even after the last permissible repetition. The previously prescribed suspension of three semesters with the possibility of subsequent re-admission no longer applies. It is therefore not possible to take the study programme in question again and start from the beginning.


Leave of absence for unforeseen and unavoidable reasons (§ 67 UG or § 58 HG):

A leave of absence from studies is now also possible during the semester if these reasons occur in an unforeseen and unavoidable way. Academic achievements up to the time of the leave of absence remain valid.


Recognitions (§ 78 UG)

The recognition of examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications was partially reorganised with the amendment to the University Law (UG). New evaluation criteria were introduced, deadlines for applications were set, some formal criteria were changed, and recognition of activities and qualifications was made possible.

Students who were admitted to the degree programme or to several degree programmes in the winter semester 2021/22 or before must apply for recognition of examinations already taken before admission by 30 September 2022 at the latest. After 1 October 2022, it is no longer possible to recognise achievements that have already been completed prior to admission.

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Repeat examinations by commission (§ 77 UG)

In the case of a negative grade in the last repetition of the last examination of the degree programme, students are entitled to repeat it another time (5th attempt).

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