The following guidelines aim to assist in recognising leadership tasks as well as provide a common ground for professional leadership.These principles describe BOKU values and standards for managing staff and are binding on all levels of leadership. The principles underscore BOKU‘s mission for sustainability and signal the appreciation for staff management at BOKU. The Guidelines for Staff Management were developed in various working group meetings during several months. Numerous senior managers, rectorate and delegates of different bodies participated in the discussion. Leaders at BOKU take on responsibility wholeheartedly and are prepared to continually better their leadership skills. 

As a leader at BOKU I act as a role model in every way: expertise-wise, ethically as well as professionally. I do as I say and am a model of reflective discernment. In this sense, I am able to accept and give positive as well as negative feedback.

I actively engage in decisionmaking and bear the consequences.As a leader I encourage my team members to take on responsibility and I foster a culture tolerating failure where learning from mistakes and developing creative and proactive skills are standard.

In my area I make sure that goals are set thoughtfully: in accordance with BOKU strategies and aware of the various competing fields and interests. I understand that room for innovation is equally important as is efficiency and I allow for flexibility where possible and clarify limits where needed.

As a leader I make sure decisions are made and communicated in a comprehensible and reasonable fashion and, whenever possible, are made together with those affected. I take care to provide regular and comprehensive information flow on all levels.

I trust that both staff and leaders alike: do their best, treat each other with respect and follow the rules of working together successfully. I actively foster an environment of mutual trust and respect by providing orientation, by fulfilling agreements and by delegating tasks.

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