This page should provide a good insight for the scientists at the BOKU which topics are handled at the quality management unit for the science departement and the site will be continually updated with new relevant links and information.

Quality Management in the field of projects based on third party funds

Acquisitions and implementations of research projects represent a challenge and can raise a lot of questions.

The Handbook "Drittmittelprojekte" (projects based on third party funds) and the knowledge map "Einwerbung und Abwicklung von Drittmittelprojekten an der BOKU" (Acquisition and implementations of projects based on third party funds at the BOKU) were developed by the employees of the service units research service, controlling, accounting and the human resource department under supervision of the quality management unit. Therefore relevant experiences of different departments were taken into account. More information and detailed explanations of the individual processes are continually added to the documents.

You can find an overview of the most important aspects and principles of quality in the field of "Drittmitelprojekte" provided by following links: (BOKU-Login necessary): only available in German!

Forschungsinformationssystem (FIS) research information system

The research information system is an internal database for the documentation of scientific output at the BOKU such as publications, projects, funders, partners and more.

The research information system serves as a basis for evaluations and it offers quality assured data with the aid of standardized defined indicators pursuant to the regulation of the knowledge scoreboard:

Appointment to a chair, Habilitation and Evaluations

Appointement to a chair, habilitation and evaluations of scientific staff at the BOKU are implemented by precisely regulated and transparent procedural guidelines. The goal is the ensuring of a high scientific level of the scientific staff at the BOKU. It should be noted that the personal performance/service of the scientists usually goes beyond the field of science and also include teaching and learning, management and much more.

Appointement to a chair:

Appeals procedures are processes for appointing a professor. The procedure follows the appropriate legal bases, in particular: only available in German


Habilitaionprocedures serve as proof for sufficient abilities to teach independently and as documentation of the scientific service. This includes a certain comparability of the performance of services of habilitants, which have a big impact in the scientific community. Legal foundations of the habilitation procedure are regulated as follows:

Evaluation of professors:

Since several years person-based evaluation is a key component of the quality management system at the BOKU. The processes are supported and supervised by the Quality Management Unit: only available in German

good scientific practice

The BOKU follows the high quality standards and guidelines to ensure a good scientific practice, which were constituted at the internal level of BOKU as well as on a national and international level.

Statue section: (April 2018) only available in German

Contact points and guidelines: only available in German

Software to assess plagiarism: only available in German

More information on quality assuring aspects in the field of research can be found in the "Dokumentensammlung" (document collection) of BOKU.