Research Reports of the Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy

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The Austrian Forest Dialogue: Introducing a new mode of governance process to a well entrenched sectoral domain
Karl Hogl & Eva Kvarda

(PDF, 561KB)
2/2008The Austrian Biodiversity Strategy: A Blocked Governance Process
Ralf Nordbeck & Michael Pregernig
(PDF, 1,9MB)
3/2008Restructuring of management bodies for protected areas in Greece
Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Konstantinos Kassioumis & Michael Vakkas
(PDF, 1,3MB)
4/2008The Living Forests Process: A Laboratory for New Modes of Governance in Forest Policies
Susanne Moen Ouff, Else Ragni Yttredal & Lars Julius Halvorsen
(PDF, 1,6MB)
5/2008Integrated Rural Development Policy in Germany and its Potentials for new Modes of Forest Governance
Lukas Giessen & Michael Böcher
(PDF, 1,8MB)
1/2009The national park pilot process introducing new forms of governance in Danish nature politics
Boon, T.E., Lund, D.H. and Nathan, I.
(PDF, 736KB)
2/2009Implementation of the Habitats Directive in a Governance Perspective: The case of Denmark
Boon, T.E., Lund, D.H. and Nathan, I.
(PDF, 1,4MB)
3/2009Evaluierung des Arbeitsprogramms des Österreichischen Walddialogs
Karl Hogl & Eva Kvarda
(PDF, 1,5MB)
1/2010Evaluierung des Walddialogprozesses
Karl Hogl, Eva Kvarda, Johannes Voitleithner
(PDF, 617KB)
1/2011Umweltpolitische Regulierung und Innovation - am Beispiel der EU-Pestizidregulierung
Thomas Kriechbaumer, Joachim Thaler, Ralf Nordbeck, Leopold Obermair, Julia Gruber, Anna Maria Tiefenbacher, Daniel Körner, Elena Schimanek, Sophie Holper, Klaus Üblackner, Magdalena Merkinger, Felix Moser und Alexandra Weintraud
Download (PDF, 1,1MB)
1/2013Innovative climate policy advice: Case studies from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK
Sabine Reinecke, Andrea Tony Hermann, Anja Bauer, Michael Pregernig, Karl Hogl and Till Pistorius
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