Discussion Papers of the Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy

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1/2022 Evaluation Report of the Austrian Climate Citizens’ Assembly. Assessment of input, process, and output
Aron Buzogány, Tamara Ehs, Jana Plöchl, Patrick Scherhaufer
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1/2021 The Climate Dissonance Theory
Reinhard Steurer
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4/2019 Climate change adaptation at different levels of government: Characteristics and conditions of policy change
Christoph Clar & Reinhard Steurer
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3/2019 Climate change mitigation in Austria and Switzerland: The pitfalls of federalism in greening decentralized building policies
Reinhard Steurer, Christoph Clar & Juan Casado-Asensio
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2/2019 The future orientation of Austria's flood policies: from flood control to anticipatory flood risk management
Ralf Nordbeck, Reinhard Steurer & Lukas Löschner
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1/2019 Taking stock of Climate Change Acts in Europe: living policy processes or symbolic gestures?
Sarah Louise Nash & Reinhard Steurer
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2/2018 Assessment Practices in the Policy and Politics Cycles: A Contribution to Reflexive Governance for Sustainable Development?
James Meadowcroft & Reinhard Steurer
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1/2018 The ambiguity of foderalism in climate policy-making: how the political system in Austria hinders mitigation and facilitates adaptation
Reinhard Steurer & Christoph Clar
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1/2017 Erfolgsfaktoren von politischen Prozessen zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel auf verschiedenen räumlichen Ebenen
Christoph Clar & Reinhard Steurer
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2/2016 Flood Risk Governance and Climate Change Adaptation:
an analytical framework

Lukas Löschner, Ralf Nordbeck, Michael Pregernig & Reinhard Steurer
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1/2016 Mitigation climate change in a federal country committed to the Kyoto Protocol
How Swiss federalism further complicated an already complex challenge

Juan Casado-Asensio & Reinhard Steurer
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6/2015 Assessment of the achievements and added value of the Forest Europe Process
Helga Pülzl & Peter Mayer
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5/2015 Integrated multi-sectoral strategies as dead ends of policy coordination: Lessons to be learned from sustainable development
Ralf Nordbeck & Reinhard Steurer
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4/2015 Is decentralisation always good for climate change mitigation? How federalism has complicated the greening of building policies in Austria
Reinhard Steurer & Christoph Clar
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3/2015 "Bookkeeping" rather than climate policymaking: National mitigation strategies in Western Europe
Juan Casado-Asensio & Reinhard Steurer
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2/2015 National adaptation strategies, what else? Comparing adaptation mainstreaming in German and dutch water management
Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
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1/2015 Herausforderungen und Grenzen partizipativer Projektarbeit - Zwei Beispiele aus der transdisziplinären Klimawandelanpassungsforschung und erste Lösungsansätze
Patrick Scherhaufer & Heidelinde Grüneis
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7/2014 Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in a federal state setting: Policy changes in flood protection and tourism promotion in Austria?
Christoph Clar & Reinhard Steurer
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6/2014 Assessment practices in the policy and politics cycles: a contribution to reflexive governance for sustainable development?
James Meadowcroft & Reinhard Steurer
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5/2014 Politikintegration in einem föderalen Staat: Klimaschutz im Gebäudesektor auf Österreichisch
Reinhard Steurer & Christoph Clar
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4/2014 Innovation in climate adaptation policy: are regional partnerships catalysts or talking shops?
Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
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3/2014 Integrated strategies on sustainable development, climate change mitigation and adaptation in Western Europe: communication rather than coordination
Juan Casado-Asensio & Reinhard Steurer
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2/2014 Klimawandel und vorsorgender Hochwasserschutz in Österreich:
eine entwicklungsdynamische Analyse der Anpassungskapazitäten (2002-2012)

Ralf Nordbeck
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1/2014 Multi-level governance of climate change adaptation:
The role of regional partnerships in Canada and England

Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
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3/2013 Disentangling governance:
A synoptic view of regulation by government, business, and civil society

Reinhard Steurer
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2/2013 Scientific climate policy advice: An overview of national forms of institutionalization
Sabine Reinecke, Anja Bauer, Michael Pregernig, Andrea Tony Hermann, Till Pistorius, Karl Hogl
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1/2013 Partizipation in Regionalen Integrierten Vulnerabilitätsassessments. Ein kritischer Vergleich von 14 Fallbeispielen im Bereich Klimawandel
Patrick Scherhaufer, Torsten Grothmann und Wolfgang Lexer
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216 KB)
2/2012 Public policies on CSR in Europe: Themes, instruments, and regional differences
Reinhard Steurer, S. Margula & A. Martinuzzi
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1/2012 Die Interaktion von Wissenschaft und Politik in der österreichischen Klimapolitik
Andrea Tony Hermann, Anja Bauer, Michael Pregernig, Sabine Reinecke, Karl Hogl, Till Pistorius
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4/2011 The renewed EU SDS:
policies, governance, actors and political relevance

Reinhard Steurer
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3/2011 Soft Instruments, Few Networks: How 'New Governance' Materialises in Public Policies on Corporate Social Responsibility across Europe
Reinhard Steurer
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2/2011 The EU's double-track pursuit of sustainable development in the 2000s: How Lisbon and sustainable development strategies ran past each other
Reinhard Steurer und Gerald Berger

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1/2011 The governance of climate change adaptation in ten OECD countries:
Challenges and approaches

Anja Bauer, Judith Feichtinger and Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 329KB)
4/2010 Horizontal Policy Integration:
Concepts, administrative barriers and selected practices

Reinhard Steurer and Gerald Berger
Download (PDF, 178KB)
3/2010 Business-society relations in Central-Eastern and Western Europe:
How those who lead in sustainability reporting bridge the gap in corporate (social) responsibility

Reinhard Steurer & Astrid Konrad
Download (PDF, 255KB)

The Role of Governments in Corporate Social Responsibility:
Characterising Public Policies on CSR in Europe

Reinhard Steurer

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1/2010 The Lisbon Strategy and sustainable development strategies across Europe: How different governance arrangements shape the European coherence of policy documents
Reinhard Steurer & Gerald Berger
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2/2009 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Österreich:
Wie substanziell ist der freiwillige Beitrag der Wirtschaft zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung?

Reinhard Steurer & Michael Tiroch
Download (PDF, 205KB)

Sustainable development as governance reform agenda:
An aggregation of distinguished challenges for policy-making

Reinhard Steurer

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1/2007 From Government Strategies to Strategic Public Management:
An Exploratory Outlook on the Pursuit of Cross-Sectoral Policy Integration

Reinhard Steurer
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1/2006 Mapping Stakeholder Theory Anew:
From the Stakeholder Theory of the Firm to Three Perspectives on Business-Society Relations

Reinhard Steurer
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1/2005 Towards a new pattern of strategy formation in the public sector:
First experiences with National Strategies for Sustainable Development in Europe

Reinhard Steurer and André Martinuzzi
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