Institute seminar winter 2023

The institute seminar series of the Institute of Sustainable Economic Development at BOKU aims to foster the exchange of knowledge within and beyond the institute. Institute members and external speakers will present their work during these regular events, allowing time for in-depth discussions and reflection.

The seminar will be presented in two different formats: format A will provide an opportunity for the presentation of research focusing on specific guiding subjects anew each semester. Format B is intended to foster exchange within the institute on a more strategic level, focusing on organizational issues and reflections on teaching.

The seminars take place on Tuesdays at 12:00-13:00 and will be held in presence and digital (hybrid) in Room EG-04 at Guttenberghaus. A new feature of the seminar is its lunchtime format. In keeping with Einstein’s maxim, attendees are encouraged to bring a meal or a snack: “To obtain an assured favorable response from people, it is better to offer them something for their stomachs instead of their brains.”

If you wish to attend one of the seminars virtually, please log in or contact inwe(at) and you will receive a zoom link.

Updated schedules are published here.







Tuesday, 17.10.2023

Democratising food environments: a relational approach to the case of London

Marta López Cifuentes A GUTH-EG/04

Tuesday, 31.10.2023

Building Awareness for Diversity, Inclusion, & Gender Sensitivity in Teaching

Dr. Simone Adams B GUTH-EG/04
Tuesday, 14.11.2023 Retreat      


Under what conditions do transitions to a sustainable agrifood supply become a reality? Types of proximity related to transformative or maintenance agency

Alexandra J. Frangenheim A GUTH-EG/04

Tuesday, 12.12.2023

BOKU Ethics Committee: tasks and processes
Recommended reading:

Ika Darnhofer B GUTH-EG/04
Tuesday, 16.01.2024 To be confirmed     GUTH-EG/04
Tuesday,  30.01.2024 To be confirmed     GUTH-EG/04