Department of Biotechnology

The department´s expertise is aimed at identifying and developing novel compounds and processes for biopharmaceuticals in biofuels and comprises the following areas of research activity.

  • Biopharmazeutical Technology
    o   Mammalian Cells as Cell Factories
    o   Therapeutic Relevant Drug Liposomology Shaping up to Transdermal Systems
    o   Expansion and Differentiation of Cells
  • Bioprocess Engineering
    o   Fermentation
    o   Preparation and Process Science
    o   Technical Biology
  • Funktionell Biodiversity and Utilization of Genetic Resources
    o   Plant Biotechnology
    o   Austrian Center of Biological Resources and Applied Mycology
  • Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology
    o   Insect Cell Technology
    o   Cell Biology and Cell Line Development
    o   Microbial Strain Improvement and Metabolic Engineering
    o   Protein Engineering
    o   Plant Functional Genomics
  • Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics