International networking platform (CCCA, JPI Climate)

It is in the nature of climate change research to go beyond national borders. Nonetheless, research systems, approaches and priorities are different in other countries. It is therefore important to actively support researchers in being able to work together on topics across borders.

The aim of the international networking platform (as a project of the CCCA on behalf of the BMBWF) is to better link various activities of the Austrian research community with the activities of European and international scientists in climate change research.

This happens mainly in two areas: on the one hand through the strategic research coordination within the framework of the Joint Programming Initiative Climate (JPI Climate), which acts at an important interface between national and international research in the European Research Area (ERA), and on the other hand through the offer of various services for the Austrian climate research community and especially the members of the CCCA.

In addition, the international visibility of research activities in Austria is to be increased and the Austrian climate research community is to be more closely informed about international initiatives and involved in them. The resulting synergies strengthen the positioning of Austrian climate change research in the international arena.

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The international networking platform also works closely with SINCERE.

If you have any questions about the networking platform, please contact Dr. Elisabeth Worliczek (elisabeth.worliczek(at)