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Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)

Climate research network Austria

The CCCA is a climate and climate impact research network with the aim of strengthening high-quality Austrian climate research, promoting young scientists, supporting knowledge transfer and advising politics and society. The BOKU is also a strong and important member of this network: In addition to running the CCCA office, many BOKU scientists are actively involved in the network.

To this end, the CCCA carries out numerous activities, such as the Austrian Climate Day, the development of a joint and interdisciplinary national research strategy on climate change (Science Plan), the coordination of the Austrian Panel on Climate Change and the dissemination of the results of the first Austrian Assessment Report on Climate Change 2014, as well as numerous thematic topics relevant networking events.

In addition, the CCCA, and here the office at BOKU, coordinates on behalf of the University of Innsbruck the SDG13 - climate protection measures in the UniNEtZ project.

The CCCA supports its members in the formation of project consortia, maintains constant contacts and exchanges with representatives from the federal states (e.g. climate protection coordinators), various ministries and the Austrian funding institutions and has set up a data center for all climate change-related data.

The international networking platform of the CCCA coordinates the agendas for the Joint Programming Initiative “Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe” (JPI Climate) on behalf of the BMBWF and promotes the international visibility of CCCA researchers.

Several times a year, around 1500 people interested in the topic of climate change are informed about the latest in Austrian climate and climate impact research via the “CCCA newsletter”. On the CCCA website you will find news as well as all projects and other information documents.

The foundation goes back to a joint initiative of five Austrian universities in 2009 (BOKU, TU Graz, TU Wien, Uni Graz and Uni Innsbruck). The CCCA is a non-profit association, founded in July 2011, and operates three institutions to achieve its goals:

  • CCCA office (located at BOKU and here at g / WN)
  • CCCA service center (located at the University of Graz)
  • CCCA data center (located at ZAMG)

Information on the current CCCA board can be found here.

The CCCA currently (October 2020) has 22 full members (12 universities, 10 non-university research institutions) and 6 supporting members. Information about the CCCA members can be found here.


Please visit the CCCA website for more information

Contact in the CCCA office at the BOKU: info(at)