Core area of Climate Change

Here you will find an overview of the projects and activities of the gW/N in the core area “Climate Change”. Click on the links to find out more! If you have any questions about the individual projects, please contact benedikt.becsi(at)

BOKU competence center for climate neutrality

The former BOKU CO2 compensation system became the BOKU competence center for climate neutrality in 2020. This competence center combines a knowledge network with advice and climate protection project implementation in the context of climate neutrality and offers expertise in the area of climate strategy development and emission reduction.

Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)

The CCCA is a network supported by 28 research institutions that combines climate change research as well as informing and advising society and politics on climate-related topics. The office of the CCCA association has been based at gW/N since it was founded in 2011.

Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC)

As part of the CCCA, the "Austrian Panel on Climate Change" (APCC) was set up, under whose roof renowned experts from the Austrian climate research community regularly collate the current state of research. All information about the work of the APCC as well as the possibility to download individual reports can be found here:

JPI Climate

The Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) is a core initiative of the European Commission through which the pan-European research area is supposed to grow closer together. The gW/N coordinates Austria's scientific contribution to the Joint Programming Initiatives in the field of climate (impact) research (JPI Climate).


For the implementation of the JPI Climate initiative on an international level, the CSA SINCERE project endeavors to contribute to the coordination of climate change research. Existing JPI Climate action groups on various topics are supported by this project in their (transnational and interdisciplinary) implementation.

Via JPI Climate and CSA Sincere, the gW/N works in close consultation with the BMBWF to strengthen the Austrian climate change research community, harmonize European strategies for climate change research and ensure the flow of information to and from Austria on international developments in climate change research.