Basic principles of our teaching: Education for Sustainable Development

Creative, participative and value-oriented.

Education for sustainable development requires more than establishing sustainability as a teaching content. In particular, it means promoting critical reflection on one's own and social actions. In order to do justice to the high complexity of the challenges mentioned and to enable transformative learning, discursive, participatory and value-oriented approaches are necessary. In addition, systemic and problem-based teaching and learning methods are required in inter- and transdisciplinary settings.

The Center for Global Change and Sustainability tries to meet these diverse requirements in its courses. We are not interested in the frontal teaching of given teaching content.

The focus is on reflection, discussion and the use of diverse teaching methods (games, activations, group discussions and work, interviews, videos, etc.). The students should be encouraged to critically question the current social challenges and to recognize their options for action.

Here you can find the gW/N courses.

Voices from students

"I really like how diverse the course is designed by you. You teach with the help of so many different means, I've never seen it like this in my school career. Thank you!"

"When I think back three days after the seminar block, I remember more and more things against which other courses in my semester cannot be measured either methodically or in terms of content. Even if the days were exhausting - keep it up, please!"

"The course brought me a lot in terms of courage and it gave me a more reflective awareness."

"Every evening you go home strengthened - an energy charging station, so to speak!"