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16.05. - H2020: Letzte Ausschreibungsrunde für die Societal Challenges 2 & 5

Datum, Uhrzeit : 16.05.2019, von 10 -12 Uhr
CIES-EG/10, Peter Jordan Str. 70, 1190 Wien

H2020 – Societal Challenges 2 & 5: Letzte Ausschreibungsrunde

  • ExpertInnen der FFG EIP sprechen über die letzte Ausschreibungen 2020
  • BOKU ForscherInnen und Forschungsservice BOKU präsentieren die Erfahrungen und geben Tipps in der Antragsstellung für KoordinatorInnen und PartnerInnen.


Anmeldung  bis 13.05.2019 per Email an silvia.sponza@boku.ac.at

04.04. - H2020 – Marie S. Curie Actions: career development, international mobility and knowledge transfer

Strengthen your career or the profile of your working group - both is possible with Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Grants provided by  MSCA are available for all stages of a researcher’s career - from PhD candidates to those carrying out more advanced research, incoming and outgoing.

Because they encourage individuals to work in other countries, the MSCA make the whole world a learning environment. They encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas between different industrial sectors and research disciplines – all to the benefit of the wider European economy. MSCA also back initiatives that break down barriers between academia, industry and business. In addition, they reach out to the public with events that promote the value – and fun side – of science. Get an overview on the possibilites MSCA´s offer by Yasmin Dolak-Struss, FFG EIP Expert for MSCA or listen to the experiences of Prof. Josef Eitzinger, participant in a MSCA-ITN. When? April 4, 2019

Where? SR EG02, Simony Haus, Peter-Jordan Str. 65


Seminare im Rahmen des internen Fortbildungsprogramms