There has been much promise made for MOOCS and the use of the internet resources in supporting students learning.  Not only to envisage new pedagogical models, but also as a revenue opportunity and for lowering teaching costs.

Your experience in the use of the internet will support our discussion in the use of MOOCs and open source materials at this Colloquium.

The aim of the ICA-EDU Colloquium 2016 is centred around two themes of e-learning open source courses.
 firstly, to discuss the possibilities, challenges and benefits for the integration of open source learning approaches, and secondly, to examine business models for the development and delivery world wide of e-learning education. The burning issue around MOOCs has been the search for business models, that is, scaling, sustainability accreditation and openness.

The Colloquium will have three keynote presentations, but is otherwise organized as a workshop to share experience and develop new initiatives in support of teaching and learning in the Life Sciences.

You are invited to submit a short contribution for the discussion by the end of May.  Please register at the ICA website