The GCHERA World Agriculture Prize 2017 Award Ceremony will be held the same weekend. See the Conference program

The GCHERA Annual General Meeting will be held on October 29.

This year the focus of the GCHERA World Conference is to explore the role and contribution of agricultural and life science universities in research, education, outreach and engagement in policymaking to address the global challenge of food security and safety. In particular, we would like to explore how universities are addressing the issues of food security and food safety by engaging in strategic education, research, effective outreach in multi-stakeholder programs and policy determination at the local, regional and global levels. The outcome of the conference will be a summary of actions as guidance for university and faculty senior managers.

There will be four conference sessions:

  1. The Challenge for Global Food Security and Food Safety
    Keynote speakers: Zhu Jing, Nanjing Agricultural University, China and Gebisa Ejeta, Purdue University, USA

  2. The Education Role of Universities in Responding to the Global Challenge
    Keynote speakers: Rob Dyball, Australian National University, Australia and Jose Zaglul, EARTH University, Costa Rica

  3. The Research Role of Universities in Responding to the Global Challenge
    Keynote speakers: John Ingram, Oxford University, UK and Aldo Stroebel, National Research Foundation, South Africa

  4. Value Creation and the Role of Universities
    Keynote speakers: Tiny van Boekel, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands and Xiangping Jia, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, China

These sessions will be followed by a panel discussion and a World Cafe. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to visit the Nanjing Agricultural Carnival, tour Nanjing, and participate in a farewell dinner.

Details on the conference program, registration and accommodations