853107 Exkursion zu Landschaftspflege (in Eng.)

Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
Ressar, Kim , Mitrofanenko, Tamara
Angeboten im Semester
Sommersemester 2021
Unterrichts-/ Lehrsprachen
Englisch, Deutsch


Potentials and effects of dual land use in Vienna and surrounding areas.

When: Preliminary meeting 07.04.2021, 17:00; excursion date will be determined there.
Registration until 12.03.2021

Duration: One online preliminary meeting, 2 days excursion (probably: 1 together, 1 independently)

We would like to note at the outset that a joint field trip will only take place if Covid19-regulations allow it at that time. Alternatively, we will switch to individual work assignments and field trips.

The following activities are envisioned:

Group 1: on-site field trip, 2 days (if the Covid-situation allows it) to Simmering, exploring the area and visiting different stakeholders.

*our stakeholders are more comfortable speaking german than English, so for non-German speakers we will find a solution of interpretation or alternatively, Group 2 is a better option:

Group 2: individual research and field-study of a synergetic renewable energy project/synergetic land use project of your choice.

Group assignments will be discussed in detail and decided during the first meeting

Renewable energy infrastructure has a significant impact on the landscape and competes with other land uses. Photovoltaics is making the way into the landscape, conflicting with various agricultural uses. Given the need to expand both systems, promoting synergistic land use to mitigate ecosystem impacts and land use competition is critical. During this field trip, we would like to look together at what impacts and opportunities can be expected from the expansion of photovoltaics (specifically agrivoltaics) in agriculture in and around Vienna. We will take a look at horticultural vegetable production in Vienna and its role in the course of climate change. We will look at possible dual uses of land (food and energy production) such as the application of photovoltaics on greenhouses and on arable land and the impact of energy infrastructure on the landscape.
The goal is to gain an understanding of local energy and food production, the challenges for horticulture in the wake of climate change, and the associated impacts on the landscape.

The preliminary discussion will serve as an introduction to the topic area. In addition, presenters will present potential focus topics that can be addressed based on interest.

It is anticipated that the first field trip day will be used for a walk-through of the project area in Simmering and for a greenhouse tour together with a horticulturist.
The second excursion day can be done individually or in groups.
The arrival and departure of the participants will be done individually.

The following main topics will be covered during the excursion:
- Economic, ecological and socio-political significance and framework conditions of horticultural production within the city of Vienna.

- Impact of renewable energy infrastructure on the landscape and the associated social acceptance among the population in Vienna and the surrounding area.

- Importance of climate change for horticultural development and required adaptation measures (e.g. dual land use for energy and food production, biodiversity, cold house crops, etc.).

- Synergetic approaches in land use (especially regarding the food-water-energy nexus) and perspectives for the city of Vienna.

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)



- Addressing the idea of dual land use and the first applications of photovoltaics on greenhouses in Vienna.
- Perception of landscape changes due to renewable energy infrastructure and possible climate change adaptations.
- Awareness of the interaction between science, policy and practice and the challenges with regard to dual land use
- Insights into food production in Viennese horticulture
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