735341 Market-oriented innovation processes (in Eng.)

Vorlesung und Seminar
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Sommersemester 2023
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(1) General
The course focuses on market-oriented and human-centric innovation processes. As an elective subject focusing on environmentally-oriented business administration, this lecture deals with the challenge of integrating increasingly complex environmental requirements into innovation processes or using these requirements as starting points for innovation processes.

(2) Course content
+ Business models and the role of the customer (added value orientation)
+ Drivers and motivation for innovation management
+ Concepts and models of innovation management
+ Methods of generating ideas, creativity techniques

(3) Structure of the units
1st unit: Theory and Concepts
2nd unit:Check-in & Understand
3rd unit: Empathize
4th unit: Define
5th unit: Ideate
6th unit: Prototype & Test
7th unit: Final Presentation

(4) Teaching objectives
In this course, the students acquire the latest marketing and innovation management know-how. You will learn how to develop successful concepts from ideas and how to introduce them to the market as innovations. What is required is to be able to react and act flexibly on the market through know-how with ever shorter product cycles and products relevant to consumers.
The skills acquired are supplemented by ideation or creative problem-solving skills.

(5) Lecture and exercise: Each unit starts with a lecture part. The exercise follows the "Design Thinking" method. The phases (inspiration, ideation, implementation) are carried out in a real-world project—primarily outside of the lesson (i.e., from one lesson to the next). In the 6th unit, the learnings from the five previous units are presented.


After completing the course, students can …
... describe the role of market-oriented innovation processes in the management of innovation.
... plan an innovation process using "Design Thinking", carry it out independently, and design it in a team.
... use selected method sets for generating, selecting, and implementing ideas.
… explain the theoretical underpinnings of market-oriented innovation processes and critically reflect on them.
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