Synthetic Immune-cells - Retroviral Entrapment and Neutralisation (SIREN) Encapsulation and targeted delivery of payload to HIV-model cells

The aim of this project is to:

1.develop a protocol for loading trypsin into gutted T-lymphoblastoid cells (T-cell mimics); 2.deliver this trypsin specifically to a target cell simulating HIV and HIV-infected cells.

In the course of this work, you will learn how to:

•culture mammalian cells; •produce T-cell mimics; •characterise them using flow cytometry and functional assays; •design and plan experiments; •present data in discussions, reports and presentations; and finally, •to cope with the difficulties of research work.

We want you if:

•you have an appetite for learning; •you are interested in the topic of treating HIV/AIDS; •you enjoy close and intense scientific discussions; •and if you aren't afraid of facing difficulties in your work.

Who to contact:

If you're interested, please email Dr. Darren Tan at for details.