X-LArch IV LANDSCAPE 100, 9th and 10th November 2012

In 2012, we celebrate the centenary of the first professional association of garden architects in Austria. On this occasion, the ILA Institute of Landscape Architecture at BOKU Vienna directs X-LArch IV, an international symposium on landscape architecture, to the profession’s past, present, and future. LANDSCAPE 100 will discuss the impact of landscape history on contemporary work and its potential for facing future challenges. Landscape history enables us to understand the forces that have built our landscapes and shaped the profession. In designing landscapes, we relate to historic layers of the site. Beyond that, we strive for a deeper insight into the development of design approaches, crafts, styles, and meanings. This insight is crucial for a forward-looking and innovative occupation with landscape issues. The symposium addresses practitioners, scholars, and students from Austria and abroad. Scholarly lecturers will reflect the maturation of the profession in tracing outstanding professionals and projects of the last decades. Practicing landscape architects will showcase recent works in a framework of references – be it history, ideals or ideas. Additional half-day workshops offer a platform to reflect various design approaches to meet current challenges of historic Viennese open spaces.

Programme: 14:00 Welcome Addresses by Maria Vassilakou (Vice-Mayor and Councillor of Urban Development and Transport)and Brigitte Mang (Director of Federal Gardens Austria, President of the Austrian Association of Landscape Architects). Introduction by Lilli Lička (Head of Institute)
14:30 Lecture by Dorothée Imbert (USA)
15:15 Lecture by Ulrike Krippner (A)
15:50 Lecture by Anja Seliger (A)
16:30 Coffee and Cake
17:00 Lecture by Michael van Gessel (NL)
17:45 Lecture by Georges Descombes (CH)
18:30 Drinks
18:50 thematic Statement by Jürgen Preiss (MA22, Vienna)
19:00 Keynote Address by Diana Balmori (USA)
20:00 Wine and Cheese Venue:

Lectures on November 9th take place in Simonyhaus, Peter Jordanstraße 65, 1180 Wien, Groundfloor, Room Nr. 03 Workshops on November 10th take place in Schwackhöferhaus, Peter Jordanstraße 82, 1190 Wien, Groundfloor, Rooms Nr. 06 and 09 Registration: Via e-mail and bank transfer until the October 31st.
Or at the registration desk on the first day of the symposium (cash only).
Workshop participants register until Octobre 20th, 2012 and will be sent the workshop materials after registration is complete. Fees: Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Participation in the two workshops is limited to 30 people (15 in each workshop). One third of the contingent is available to advanced master students. Students register with portfolio and personal statement. ÖGLA members: lectures EUR 60,-, workshop EUR 120,-, full package EUR 150,-.
Regular: lectures EUR 80,-, workshop EUR 150,-, full package EUR 200,-.
Students:  lectures EUR 20,-, workshop EUR 40,-, full package EUR 50,-.
Registration:  Via e-mail and bank transfer or at the registration desk at the symposium. For information and registration please e-mail the conference manager Eva Schwab eva.schwab(at)boku.ac.at. Please use the following account information. You need to specify your transfer using LANDSCAPE 100 and 7852009195 as reference: Transfer within Austria: Kontonummer 08500500512
Bankleitzahl 32000
Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien From abroad: IBAN: AT863200008500500512

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