Diskussionspapiere des Instituts für Wald-, Umwelt- und Ressourcenpolitik

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4/2019 Climate change adaptation at different levels of government: Characteristics and conditions of policy change
Christoph Clar & Reinhard Steurer
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3/2019 Climate change mitigation in Austria and Switzerland: The pitfalls of federalism in greening decentralized building policies
Reinhard Steurer, Christoph Clar & Juan Casado-Asensio
Download (PDF, 1149KB)
2/2019 The future orientation of Austria's flood policies: from flood control to anticipatory flood risk management
Ralf Nordbeck, Reinhard Steurer & Lukas Löschner
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Taking stock of Climate Change Acts in Europe: living policy processes or symbolic gestures?
Sarah Louise Nash & Reinhard Steurer

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2/2018 Assessment Practices in the Policy and Politics Cycles: A Contribution to Reflexive Governance for Sustainable Development?
James Meadowcroft & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 2137KB)
1/2018 The ambiguity of federalism in climate policy-making: how the political system in Austria hinders mitigation and facilitates adaptation
Reinhard Steurer& Christoph Clar
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1/2017 Erfolgsfaktoren von politischen Prozessen zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel auf verschiedenen räumlichen Ebenen
Christoph Clar & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 935KB)
2/2016 Flood Risk Governance and Climate Change Adaptation:
an analytical framework

Lukas Löschner, Ralf Nordbeck, Michael Pregernig & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 1656KB)
1/2016 Mitigation climate change in a federal country committed to the Kyoto Protocol - How Swiss federalism further complicated an already complex challenge
Juan Casado-Asensio & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 271KB)
6/2015 Assessment of the achievements and added value of the Forest Europe Process
Helga Pülzl & Peter Mayer
Download (PDF, 1735KB)
5/2015 Integrated multi-sectoral strategies as dead ends of policy coordination: Lessons to be learned from sustainable development
Ralf Nordbeck & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 198KB)
4/2015 Is decentralisation always good for climate change mitigation? How federalism has complicated the greening of building policies in Austria
Reinhard Steurer & Christoph Clar
Download (PDF, 323KB)
3/2015 "Bookkeeping" rather than climate policymaking: National mitigation strategies in Western Europe
Juan Casado-Asensio & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 208KB)
2/2015 National adaptation strategies, what else? Comparing adaptation mainstreaming in German and dutch water management
Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
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1/2015 Herausforderungen und Grenzen partizipativer Projektarbeit - Zwei Beispiele aus der transdisziplinären Klimawandelanpassungsforschung und erste Lösungsansätze
Patrick Scherhaufer & Heidelinde Grüneis
Download (PDF, 279KB)
7/2014 Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in a federal state setting: Policy changes in flood protection and tourism promotion in Austria?
Christoph Clar & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 227KB)
6/2014 Assessment practices in the policy and politics cycles: a contribution to reflexive governance for sustainable development?
James Meadowcroft & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 291KB)
5/2014 Politikintegration in einem föderalen Staat: Klimaschutz im Gebäudesektor auf Österreichisch
Reinhard Steurer & Christoph Clar
Download (PDF, 285KB)
4/2014 Innovation in climate adaptation policy: are regional partnerships catalysts or talking shops?
Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 192KB)
3/2014 Integrated strategies on sustainable development, climate change mitigation and adaptation in Western Europe: communication rather than coordination
Juan Casado-Asensio & Reinhard Steurer
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2/2014 Klimawandel und vorsorgender Hochwasserschutz in Österreich:
eine entwicklungsdynamische Analyse der Anpassungskapazitäten (2002-2012)

Ralf Nordbeck
Download (PDF, 619KB)
1/2014 Multi-level governance of climate change adaptation:
The role of regional partnerships in Canada and England

Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 228KB)
3/2013 Disentangling governance:
A synoptic view of regulation by government, business, and civil society

Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 363 KB)
2/2013 Scientific climate policy advice: An overview of national forms of institutionalization
Sabine Reinecke, Anja Bauer, Michael Pregernig, Andrea Tony Hermann, Till Pistorius, Karl Hogl
Download (PDF, 1417KB)
1/2013 Partizipation in Regionalen Integrierten Vulnerabilitätsassessments. Ein kritischer Vergleich von 14 Fallbeispielen im Bereich Klimawandel
Patrick Scherhaufer, Torsten Grothmann und Wolfgang Lexer
Download (PDF, 216KB)
2/2012 Public policies on CSR in Europe: Themes, instruments, and regional differences
Reinhard Steurer, S. Margula & A. Martinuzzi

Download (PDF, 331KB)

1/2012 Die Interaktion von Wissenschaft und Politik in der österreichischen Klimapolitik
Andrea Tony Hermann, Anja Bauer, Michael Pregernig, Sabine Reinecke, Karl Hogl, Till Pistorius
Download (PDF, 1090KB)

The renewed EU SDS:
policies, governance, actors and political relevance

Reinhard Steurer

Download (PDF, 274KB)
3/2011 Soft Instruments, Few Networks: How 'New Governance' Materialises in Public Policies on Corporate Social Responsibility across Europe
Reinhard Steurer

Download (PDF, 258KB)

2/2011 The EU's double-track pursuit of sustainab le development in the 2000s: How Lisbon and sustainable development strategies ran past each other
Reinhard Steurer und Gerald Berger

Download (PDF, 207KB)

1/2011 The governance of climate change adaptation in ten OECD countries:
Challenges and approaches

Anja Bauer, Judith Feichtinger and Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 329KB)
4/2010 Horizontal Policy Integration:
Concepts, administrative barriers and selected practices

Reinhard Steurer and Gerald Berger
Download (PDF, 178KB)
3/2010 Business-society relations in Central-Eastern and Western Europe:
How those who lead in sustainability reporting bridge the gap in corporate (social) responsibility

Reinhard Steurer & Astrid Konrad
Download (PDF, 255KB)
2/2010 The Role of Governments in Corporate Social Responsibility:
Public Policies on CSR in Europe
Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 199KB)

The Lisbon Strategy and sustainable development strategies across Europe: How different governance arrangements shape the European coherence of policy documents
Reinhard Steurer & Gerald Berger

Download (PDF, 193KB)

2/2009 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Österreich:
Wie substanziell ist der freiwillige Beitrag der Wirtschaft zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung?

Reinhard Steurer & Michael Tiroch
Download (PDF, 205KB)

Sustainable development as governance reform agenda:
An aggregation of distinguished challenges for policy-making

Reinhard Steurer

Download (PDF, 223KB)
1/2007 From Government Strategies to Strategic Public Management:
An Exploratory Outlook on the Pursuit of Cross-Sectoral Policy Integration

Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 293KB)
1/2006 Mapping Stakeholder Theory Anew:
From the Stakeholder Theory of the Firm to Three Perspectives on Business-Society Relations

Reinhard Steurer
Download (PDF, 179KB)
1/2005 Towards a new pattern of strategy formation in the public sector:
First experiences with National Strategies for Sustainable Development in Europe

Reinhard Steurer and André Martinuzzi
Download (PDF, 191KB)