LiCRoFast - CDL für Lebenszyklusrobustheit von Befestigungssystemen

Director: Dipl. Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Roman Wendner

In January 2014 the Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) for Life-Cycle Robustness in Fastening Technology started its work under the direction of Dr. Wendner as a functionally autonomous research unit within the Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Hazards at the University of Natural Resources, Vienna and was succesfully completed in Juni 2021. The CDL was organizationally connected to the Institute of Structural Engineering (IKI) and connected the two core areas of research at the Institute, the fastening technology and the life-cycle analysis, thus tabbing into significant pre-existing knowledge and experience. 


Named after the Austrian mathematician and physicist Christian Doppler (1803-1853), Christian Doppler Laboratories have the main objective to develop high level application--oriented research, promoting the cooperation between the universities and strengthening the link with the industries through a general transfer of technology and knowledge. The special model of the Christian Doppler Laboratory is a “bridge between research and industrial application”[1].


The foundation of this CDL was the logical consequence of a long--term collaboration between Prof. Bergmeister and the industrial partners, the companies “Hilti AG” and “fischerwerke Gmbh & Co.KG”, which has existed since the 90s within the framework of common basic research in the field of fastening technology. During periodical meetings, scientific findings have been discussed and the primary fields of interest have been jointly identified. This intensive cooperation was further intensified by the CDL Laboratory.


The activities of the CDL included research in the fields of experimental studies, numerical investigations, chemical analysis and mathematical and stochastic modeling. The necessary know-how in the fields of fastening technology, mechanics of materials, numerical modeling, nonlinear fracture mechanics, stochastic mechanics, reliability theories and polymer chemistry are historically available at IKI or strategically developed through a national and international net of collaborations. A newly created advisory committee of experts headed by Professor Bergmeister provided objective feedback to the CDL director and ensured the effectiveness of the performed research.


[1] Christian-Doppler-Forschungsgesellschaft, “Aktivitätsbericht 2005/2006: Erfolgswellen,” Wien, Austria, 2006.