The master’s programme in Green Building Engineering is a degree programme which serves to deepen and extend students’ pre-vocational academic education, building on the basis provided by a bachelor’s degree programme.   

After successfully completing the master’s programme in Green Building Engineering, the graduates  

  •  have a broad mastery of fundamentals and a depth of expertise in their area of green building construction

  • are capable of designing and dimensioning new green buildings as well as further developing existing buildings to green buildings integrating circular economy approaches.  
    The entirety is based on the principles of a resource-efficient and effective use of raw materials and energy and the integration of the structures in a circular economy 

  • have comprehensive competences to choose suitable materials for the specified projects as well as decide on possible maintenance and energy improvement measures with regard to their resource efficiency and effectiveness

  • have a basic knowledge in spatial planning and landscape architecture, law and economics, innovation management and social sciences  

  • have the ability to approach problems from various perspectives in order to find the most suitable solutions and express a broad yet personalised view of resource efficiency, effectiveness and circular economy in regard to the industry

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BOKU is the university of sustainability and diversity and provides unique boundary conditions for further development of the graduates apart from the core engineering focus of the studies. BOKU and the BOKU spirit in addition foster a trans- and multidisciplinary thinking and cosmopolitanism.