Microbial fermentation (bacteria, yeast, fungi …)

  • 50, 200 L scale (working volume) stirred tank bioreactors
  • Fully automated with a Siemens PCS7 GAMP5 conform process control system and ISA-88 conform Simatic® Batch program

Animal cell fermentation (CHO, hybridoma, insect cells, …)

  • 15, 100 L scale stirred tank bioreactor (fully automated)

Additional Reactors:

  • 500 L airlift bioreactor and 1600 L scale stirred tank bioreactor (basic automation, no complex operations)

Vessels and sterile filtration unit for media preparation, harvest, and storage

  • 4 x 600 L, 2 x 300 L, 1 x 180 L