The vision of the CD Laboratory for production of next-level biopharmaceuticals in E. coli is to make biopharmaceuticals affordable and accessible to the global patient community via new production and recovery technologies. We determine, develop, and deliver scientific fundamentals and solutions to efficiently produce functional protein scaffolds using Escherichia coli as host organism. Based on the scientific competence of experts in molecular/cell biology, fermentation, downstream processing in university and our industrial partner Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna (BI RCV), we intend to jointly elaborate pioneering concepts for integrated systems engineering.

The aim of our CD Laboratory is to overcome existing limitations in production of next-level biopharmaceuticals by the implementation of a holistic concept to process/systems design and optimization. The work on industrially relevant host strains, representative therapeutic protein classes and recovery technologies will provide the knowledge base and strategies for new and efficient biopharmaceutical production processes.