The scientific community has developed many models and simulation techniques that are relevant to the life-cycle robustness analysis of fastening systems. Constitutive models to describe the material behavior as well as simulation techniques to predict the response of single anchors and anchor groups with the framework of multi-scale modeling have been reviewed. In section 5.4 relevant deterioration mechanisms and respective modeling techniques were described. The heterogeneity of materials, stochastic models for material properties and loads as well as the uncertainty in prediction models have been reviewed in section 5.5 together with reliability assessment techniques. Finally, in section 5.6 performance indicators were discussed in general, as well as for the application to fastening systems.

Proposed solution and methodology

The intended modular framework for the life-cycle robustness analysis and optimization can most efficiently be implemented on the basis of already existing open-source code. This approach furthermore ensures dissemination of the research output and broad availability to the engineering community. Fig. 23 shows the modular structure of the proposed research project and its agreement with the ultimately developed comprehensive simulation tool.