Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment


The influence of snowmelt on soil loss - A calculation model to compute the soil loss in view of the influence of snowmelt


The hitherto scarcely used thaw- and snowmeltfactor Rw may be taken into account more realistically by means of the following calculation model. Consequently it is possible to include the Rw factor into the Austrian Soil Loss Equation to compute the soil lass in t/ha/a for medium altitude areas with intense agricultural using. In addition a method is presented enabling a fit to the Austrian precipitation average by the annual Rv distribution, taking into account snowmelt during February to May unless alpine regions with delayed snowmelt are concerned. Key-words: snowcover, ÖBAG - Austrian Soil Loss Equation, percentage of
annual Rv-distribution, snowmeltfactor, temperature of rivers.