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Heavy truck traffic of minor rural roads


Within the presented method for analyzing the wearing and tearing situation of existing road structures an assessment of occured traffic in the past and a rating of residual future lifetime is performed. The proposed method includes the possibility to consider various types of trucks and truck combinations. Additionally, alterations of maximum values for axle loadings or total weights can be taken into account (e. g. regulations in consequence of the European Economic Area). In special cases additional parameters have to be regarded, like drainage facilities (existing and working), concentration of heavy truck traffic (especially during spring - thaw period) or specific hydrological or climatic editions. These factors as well exert a strong influence on residual lifetime of existing pavement structures. Essential parts of the proposed method for analyzing the wearing and tearing situation of minor rural road structures are the examination of the existing pavement, the evaluation of truck traffic and the additional determination of specific variables and circumstances. The shown main parts form the basis for successful application of the presented method. Key-words: minor rural roads, heavy truck traffic, wearing and tearing situation analysis, residual lifetirne.