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Use of a microbial growth promotor in feeding sows and piglets


The influence of the probiotic LBC was investigated in feeding sows and piglets. The sows got a daily amount of LBC - a week before until up to two weeks after weaning. With the eontrol group the dose was 50 mg LBC, with the trial group it was 3050 mg LBC per animal and day. The following parameters were investigated: the sows' body temperature after birth, the frequency with which Oxytocin and antibiotics were given, the number of born alive, deadborn and weaned piglets. The birth weight of the piglets was recorded, the loss of piglets, the frequency of diarrhea and usage of antibiotics, the feed intake of the piglets, the number of piglets. There was no significant difference within all parameters. So both groups have to be defined as equal. In the piglet's trial (group 1: sows and piglets got LBC; group 2: sows without, piglets got LBC; group 3: sows got LBC, piglets without; group 4: sows and piglets without LBC) the suckling piglets of groups 1 and 2 got a 2 ml LBC suspension on their first and third day of life with a doser, There were at least 7 x 106lactic acid bacteria in one ml of suspension. The following parameters were investigated: sex, weaning weight, the weight before fattening, the days they needed for fattening, living days, the consumption of starter feed per litter and per piglet, the defined bacteria in the specimen of faeces and their semiquantitative estimation. In the piglet's trial only the differences between the groups were significant concerning consumption of starter feed per litter and per piglet and living days. The difference in all other criterias was not significant. The bacteriological examination of the specimen of faeces showed no significant difference between the groups, only at criteria "alpha-haemolising streptococcus" group 1 differed widely from group 2 and 4. From the data presented he re it can be concluded that the addition of LBC to feed showed no significant difference of the examined parameters between the groups of sows or piglets. Therefore an application of this probiotic is only suggested as a prevention in fee ding sows and piglets. Keywords: probiotic, sows, piglets, growth promotor.