Start page of your organisational uni in BOKUweb consists of four central elements:

1. teaser image [Teaserbild] (optional mission statement/text)
2. news items [News-Items] and calendar [Kalender]
3. staff from OrgEh
4. address bar

Not all of these elements can be edited by web editors.

1. teaser image [Teaserbild] (optional mission statement/text)

Teaser image and optionally also mission statement or any text can be deposited by web editors.

Beispiel Teaserbild Ansicht Frontend
Beispiel Teaserbild Ansicht Backend


Icon of an exclamation mark

You can create a slider by inserting several content elements "teaser image for OrgEHs and themes" one below the other in the backend of TYPO3.

You can therefore insert different images with different overlay texts on your organisation start page here.

2. news items [News-Items] and calendar [Kalender]

News items are the Top Storys of your organisational unit and can be created by web editors via the news container.

The calendar on the start page of your organisational unit is fed by the events that have been deposited via BOKUonline. The status of the event must be marked as "fixed" in BOKUonline and the status of the deposited event must be set to "fixed". If no events are deposited in BOKUonline in the near future, the calendar will not be displayed on your start page. The calendar view automatically refers to the next appointment that has been deposited in BOKUonline.

Beispielansicht von News-Items und Kalender im Frontend

3. staff of your OrgEh start page [Personenansicht]

The persons which are shown on your start page of your organisational unit is generated from the persons stored/assigned in BOKUonline.

These are legal functions that are recorded and also removed by BOKU-IT – only by order of the rectorate.

Ansicht des Personen-Sliders im Frontend

4. address bar [Adressleiste]

The address bar on the start page of your organisational unit is also generated from BOKUonline. The information can be edited directly in BOKUonline by the secretary´s office as well as by the respective IT managers ("EDV-Verantwortliche") of your organisational unit.

Primary address and other locations

In addition to the primary address, other locations or other assigned organisational units (other areas in BOKUonline) are also displayed in the address field in BOKUweb.

Ansicht der Adressleiste im Frontend

Edit contact

For this purpose, the Contact section on the organisation's business card in BOKUonline must be edited.

Ansicht Kontaktfeld Visitenkarte BOKUonline
Ansicht Detailseite BOKUonline

Store additional information for map view

The additional information stored in BOKUonline (field: Text for additional info) is displayed in the address field or then also in the detailed view on the map.

A more precise positioning of the BOKU pin is possible via BOKUonline.

Ansicht Visitenkarte BOKUonline