PLEASE NOTE! The prices for print outs and copies mentioned here are only valid for users who have to settle expenses themselves. This mainly holds true for students (see charging). Scanning is free of charge.

FormatBlack & WhiteColor
A4/A33,2 Cent10 Cent

How Costs Are Charged

There is no discount for duplex printing (one piece of paper that is printed on both sides).

The printer automatically recognizes whether a printout contains color or black and white content and charges accordingly. This means that if a document with 50 pages is printed that only contains 5 pages with colored photos or texts, only these 5 pages are charged as color copies while the other 45 pages are charged as black and white copies.
However, before you print large documents, we strongly recommend that you check with a test print of a few pages whether this works with the specific document and with the specific print settings as you expect!
Especially under macOS, you must explicitly switch to 'grayscale' in the printer options to achieve black and white printing!