GroupWise includes an address book application for extensive address management. It consists of several address books.

Apart from the centrally available GroupWise Address Book which is directly filled from BOKUonline, there is also the Frequent Contacts address book which has additional features. All further address books are account-related.

GroupWise also supports importing and exporting of address information.

Address Book Application

The address books can be invoked both via Tools > Address Book and via the address book button. Hier you can find a complete administration program for your address books, contacts, groups and settings such as name formats and search sequences for name completion. 

Via File > New in the address book application you can generate an additional address book. 

Address Selection

When writing an email Address Selection is available via the button Address. This enables you to add Contacts and Groups als Recipients in To:, CC: (Carbon Copy) and BCC: (Blind Copy) Fields.

Contacts in the Contacts Folder

Contacts can also be viewed directly via the folder in the client.

The main file as well as the sequence of the individual address books can be chosen freely.