Brief Description

Your BOKU-Account credentials grant you access to various IT Services at BOKU

Your BOKU-Account credentials grant you access to various IT Services at BOKU.

BOKU staff members receive their account from the responsible IT person at their institute and may then activate the account on their own.

The accounts are valid for the entire period here at BOKU. The authorization may change according to your actively carried out tasks and functions as student and/or staff member at BOKU.

Functions of the Account

In order to make use of the services provided by BOKU-IT in general, access authorization is required.

The services that need an account and are used most often by staff members are:

  • Mailing / Groupwise
  • BOKUonline
  • Research Information System (FIS)
  • Organizational Unit (OrgEh) storage area
  • Personal storage area
  • BOKU learn

You might also have heard of other terms for this access authorization such as: account, user name, login name, user id, etc. All of these terms always refer to the same thing: namely, your personal access authorization with which you can access the services of BOKU-IT.

Important Information

You are responsible for your account. Proceed carefully with it! 

  • Choose a secure password and modify it regularly.
  • NEVER give your password to others - even in the case that you are requested to do so (for example, via email). This is always an attempt to defraud (Phishing).
  • In the case of irregularities or a suspected misuse, immediately modify your password and inform BOKU-IT.