The following steps describe how to connect to eduroam for the first time.

If you have problems with an established connection or have changed the password,
please follow the steps under 'Troubleshooting / Delete eduroam profile'.

First time setup

Create a new eduroam password at:

and copy the new password!
If you set up eduroam on multiple devices,
you have to use exactly this one newly created eduroam password on all devices.

As username use your BOKUonline login name,
and be sure to append
(Attention: do NOT use your e-mail address!)
As password use the password you created especially for eduroam.

Make sure to check by means of 'Show certificate' whether the certificate is valid and has been issued for BOKU!

If the certificate has been issued for BOKU, you can connect.
If this is not the case, or you are unsure about this, please abort and contact the BOKU-IT Hotline.

Troubleshooting / delete eduroam profile

If you have problems connecting via eduroam, please perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the eduroam profile, see screenshots below.
  2. Create a new eduroam password at: 
    and copy the new password.
  3. Re-set up eduroam as described at the beginning of the page.
    If you have set up eduroam on multiple devices, you will need to delete the profile on all devices and set up eduroam again with the new password.