Education Roaming

Wifi access at BOKU and worldwide at all participating universities and research institutions

eduroam is an international project and stands for "Education Roaming". With the access data of your home university, you will receive Wifi and Internet access at all participating organizations (universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes, libraries, ...) worldwide.

You can find further information at:

Instructions for setting up eduroam

Here you will find instructions on how to set up, re-set up after password change, and troubleshoot for various operating systems:

  • Please make sure that for IP assignment "Automatic" / "DHCP" is set.
  • When configuring a mail client, please make sure that you use ports 465 and 587 for outgoing mail. Port 25 is blocked for outgoing mails (except for BOKU mail servers).

Since 24.05.2023 internet access via eduroam is only possible with the separate password for eduroam!

Also make sure to append the domain name
to your login name!

Set separate password for eduroam

The following application can be used to set a standalone password for accessing eduroam.

Why should I set a separate password for eduroam?

  • Attackers can obtain WLAN access data relatively easily via fake WLAN hotspots (see Wifi Phishing). Therefore, it is crucial that these access data are only valid for the WLAN and thus no access to other systems is possible.
  • If you use smartphones, your BOKU password may be backed up to external servers where it should not be.

Which specifications does the eduroam password have to meet?

  • The same specifications apply as for your BOKU account.
    Since your devices store the eduroam password, you do not need to remember the password and can therefore simply have a complicated password automatically suggested to you that complies with the rules.

What do I do if I forget my eduroam password?

  • No problem, you simply set a new password.

Do I have to follow the password change on all my devices?

  • Yes, you need to enter the separate eduroam password on all your devices (notebooks, smartphones). Instructions on how to do this can be found above for various operating systems.

Set eduroam password: