Education Roaming

Wifi access at BOKU and worldwide at all participating universities and research institutions

eduroam is an international project and stands for "Education Roaming". With the access data of your home university, you will receive Wifi and Internet access at all participating organizations (universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes, libraries, ...) worldwide.

You can find further information at:

Access data for eduroam

SSID: eduroam
Network authentication: WPA2 (or WPA)
Data encryption: AES (or TKIP)
The authentication is done via your BOKU login name with the attached domain name :
Anonymous identity:
Password: BOKU password / Specific Password for eduroam
  • Outgoing mail port 25 is blocked except for the BOKU mail servers, ports 465 and 587 are open.
  • The WLAN interface must be configured to DHCP.

Set extra password for eduroam

With the following application an independent password for the access to eduroam can be set.

Why should I set an extra password for eduroam?

  • A fake WLAN with the SSID eduroam could be used to get your BOKU access data. If you use an extra password for the WLAN you protect your actual account from abuse.
  • If you use smartphones, your WLAN password might be backed up to external servers where it should not be.

Which requirements does the eduroam password have to meet?

  • The same guidelines apply as for your BOKU account.
    Since your devices store the eduroam password you do not need to remember it and you can simply have a complicated password suggested automatically according to the rules.

What do I do if I have forgotten my eduroam password?

  • No problem, you simply set a new password here.

Do I have to change the password on all my devices?

  • Yes, you need to enter the new password on all your devices (notebooks, smartphones). Instructions on how to do this can be found below for different operating systems.

Set eduroam password:

Installation instructions

Authentication is carried out using the 802.1X standard, which guarantees data security by means of end-to-end encryption of the access data. Eduroam works on all current operating systems that support the 802.1X standard.

Here you can find instructions for setup as well as troubleshooting for different operating systems: