Keeping order

Everyone likes to have a tidy workplace, you and the colleague after you. So please leave your workplace at least as clean as you took it over (it doesn't matter if it's cleaner ;-).
When you leave, check if you have forgotten anything (photos, paper, USB pendrive, etc.) and dispose everything you no longer need in the containers provided.

Changes to the hardware

No changes are permitted to be made to the devices in the PC room. You must not connect or disconnect any cables by yourself.

Malfunctions, errors

If a device displays a message or if you discover a malfunction (disconnected cables or malfunctioning devices), please inform the

Food and beverages

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in the PC rooms. An exception is water in closed bottles.
We also ask you to keep quiet in the PC rooms.


Log on to the PCs with the same credentials as in BOKUonline.

Data storage

Attention, the "Desktop" and "My Documents" will be irretrievably deleted after logging off from the PC!

Therefore save your files:

  • in your HOME folder on drive M: ( = BOKU Files)
  • on BOKUdrive
  • or on an external data medium (the danger that you forget your data medium is high, however... )

The different ways to access BOKU Files and BOKUdrive can be found here: 

  • Overview Storage Solutions


BOKU-IT does not assume any responsibility for data or equipment lost in the course of your work. Therefore, always back up your data during your work and make sure to take USB pendrives or portable hard drives with you after work.

Basic knowledge

It is assumed that you have basic knowledge of the software installed here.