BOKU provides an account for all staff members. It entitles you to use various services (BOKUonline, network drives, Mailing etc.).

You are responsible for your account!

Before you activate the account:

Think of a secure password and keep it secret. Never pass your password on to others. ZID staff will never ask you for your password.

  • min. 6, max. 50 characters
  • at least one letter and a number
  • must not include your first or last name or your user name

The combination of first and last name is recommended as a user name (for example mmuster for "Max Muster"). Please note that the user name cannot be changed at a later point. It is not secret and can therefore be visible for staff members.

Account activation

If you know a password and username, you can activate the account.

To do so, open the page "Activate Account" and click "To activate account" at staff members.

In order to activate your account you need a PIN code. You get this code from the IT manager of your organizational unit.

Enter your PIN code exactly as specified (please note: take care of upper and lower cases!). Then enter your birth date in the following format: DDMMYYYY.


Please type in your user name and password in the account creation template and if necessary correct the suggested email address. You can also do so at a later point in time.

Pay close attention to spelling mistakes in your user name. Once a user name has been created it can no longer be changed!

When all the input is completed, save it.

If you take too long prior to saving, the page will turn "invalid". In this case, please refresh the account activation from the starting page. Do not use the "back" button as this will lead to further fault messages. 

Activation has now been started and will take approximately 30 to 60 seconds. You can then see all your data in the overview and are already logged in at BOKUonline. 

You have completed your account activation. Please move on to Step 2