How Do I Establish My Schedule?

Before you can actually register for a university course, you first need to activate your BOKU account.

After the Orientation Phase (STEOP) it is up to you to decide which courses you attend in which semester. Most important is that at the end of your academic studies you have completed all of the required courses (LVAs) stated in your curriculum. On BOKUonline you can find suggested schedules (semester schedules). With the help of these, you can avoid any overlaps in the course of your university degree program.

At universities, autonomous actions are of utmost priority. This is also the case when it comes to establishing your schedule, which may be individualized to suit your needs. However, in the first semester of your university degree program it is actually very helpful to follow the university's recommendations (which can be found on BOKUonline). Later on in your academic studies you might quite likely wish to develop your more individual schedules.

There are various course types that you need to familiarize with: Lectures (Vorlesung, VO, accessible to the public, mostly no compulsory attendance), Exercises (Übung, UE, compulsory attendance and obligation to register for the course), Projects (Projekt, PJ) and Seminars (Seminar, SE, compulsory attendance and obligation to register for the course) as well as combined forms of the ones mentioned above. Some courses are offered both in the winter- and summer semester. Most, however, are only held in either the one or the other. In order take an exam for a course, you need to register for this exam via BOKUonline in due time. Don't forget the Orientation Phase (STEOP) - these exams have to be completed positively. For exercises and projects participation is restricted. You should try to secure your place as early as possible. It is recommended that you complete about 30 ECTS credit points per semester in order to remain within the minimum study duration. In order to do so, make good use of the semester schedules recommended on BOKUonline (see photos). 

Step by Step:

1. Which courses? The university's recommended semester schedule can be found on BOKUonline (see photos)

2. How to register? Log in and register for selected courses. Help on how to do this can be found here

3. When? Consider dates, information and required preliminary meetings as well as the appointment calendar function in BOKUonline.

4. Where? Course room codes and abbreviations can be found on BOKUonline (or here: locations), the abbreviations used represent the house in which the course is held.