In representation of Rektor Univ.Prof. Hubert Hasenauer Univ.Prof. Dr. Margit Laimer of the PBU (5. f.r.) and Priv. Doz. Dr. Andrea Watzinger (3.f.r.) participated in the visit of Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen. As 1 of 5 institutions involved with IAEA BOKU has a long standing cooperation tradition. The Plant Biotechnology Unit of the DBT is partner in a project aimed at the genetic improvement of coffee in the frame of the CRP D 22005 "Efficient Screening techniques to identify mutants with disease resistance for Coffee and Banana". The PBU establishes coffee tissue cultures, e.g. shoot cultures and somatic embryos. Mutations will be induced togheter with IAEA / PBGL  by gamma- and x-rays and EMS. The PBU validates the produced mutants to established protocol for the generation and screening of interesting mutant genotypes of coffee with "Enabling" techniques.