Scientific study tour in China

End of November Univ. Prof. Dr. Margit Laimer visited several research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hainan and Guangdong:

  • Environment and Plant Protection Institute (EPPI), Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences (CATAS, Haikou, Hainan
  • Subtropical Botanical Garden Longxing, Hainan
  • Institute of Fruit Tree Research, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GDAAS) in Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • National Center for Banana Improvement Guangzhou, Guangdong.

The purpose of the travel to the tropical South of China was an exchange with Chinese scientists in the field of genetic improvement of crop plants like  agava, banana, coffee, pepper and vanilla. The visits of research and tissue culture laboratories and field trials enabled a scitve discussion of future common research projects with  die Prof. Kexian Yi (EPPI-CATAS) and Prof. Ganjun Yi (GDAAS).