Start of the second funding phase of EPICUR in the European Parliament

The official start of the new phase of EPICUR Shaping Higher Education In Transition (EPICUR SHAPE-IT) happened in Febraury 2023 during an event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. The Kick-Off brought together over 100 people, among them Students, Early Career Researchers, Professors, Members of associated partners as well as EPICUR staff from the nine EPICUR member universities. The aim of the event was to jointly develop the action plan for the upcoming funding phase from 2022-2026.

After the successful completion of the three-year pilot phase in 2022, the European university alliance EPICUR was able to raise 14.4 million euros for a period of four years via the Erasmus+ program. This enables a continuation under the project name EPICUR Shaping Higher Education In Transition, EPICUR SHAPE-IT for short.