BOKU Female Inventor of the Year

BOKU Female Inventor of the Year

For the BOKU Female Inventor of the Year Award, female inventors are brought before the curtain to serve as inspiration and role models for other female scientists, because women are still involved in inventions at a below-average rate.

The aim of this award is to honour female inventors in front of a broad audience.

The female inventor of the year will not only receive a cash prize of 1,500 euros, but will also be awarded with a video that will be distributed on the BOKU social media channels. The inventor receives permission to use the video.

The technology transfer team annually screens all complete invention disclosures received in the last 3 years according to the following criteria

  • Female inventors
  • Invention share over 30%

The selected female inventors are presented to a jury. The jury selects the female representative who, in their opinion, most closely corresponds to the role model type.

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