BOKU Invention of the Year

At BOKU, about 20 invention disclosures from various disciplines are reported to the Technology Transfer Department of the Research Service every year. The prize "BOKU Invention of the Year" is intended to recognise the innovative strength of the inventors.

The BOKU Invention of the Year Award recognises the most outstanding achievement in the field of protectable innovations.

The prize is endowed with 3,000 euros and is awarded by a 5-member jury. No submission is required; all invention disclosures received in full in the technology transfer section are eligible for the prize.

Prize determination

The Technology Transfer team will screen all complete invention disclosures received in the last 3 years according to the following criteria, whereby it is not necessary for all criteria to be met:

  • Innovation and applicability
  • High recognisable benefit for society and/or the economy
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs relevance)
  • The final selected inventions will be presented to the jury by the technology transfer.

The prize money is per invention and will be divided equally among the inventors. The prize money is freely disposable.

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