Let's go! We are starting our search for xenobiotics (artificially produced substances that are foreign to the biological cycle, e.g. pesticides) in Waldviertel carp ponds.

What effects do these, together with climate change-induced temperature increases, have on the fatty acid composition in algae and zooplankton? To answer this question, samples from carp ponds are analyzed with regard to xenobiotics. Algae and zooplankton, which also live in the ponds, are cultivated in the laboratory together with xenobiotics at elevated temperature. Subsequently, their fatty acid profiles will be evaluated. We expect that this research project will provide conclusive information about the nutritional value of carp in ponds. BEST, BOKU IBAM and UT as well as WasserCluster Lunz are involved in the project.


Project: XenoFat (FTI22-G-023) – Influence of xenobiotics and climatic change on essential fatty acid synthesis of microalgae and zooplankton in fishponds of Lower Austria