Fulfilment of Curriculum - list of equivalent courses - crediting of courses

To get a degree at BOKU make sure to follow the curriculum of your study programme.

Curriculum Mountain forestry: https://short.boku.ac.at/oprere

As you will spend one part of your studies in Canada make sure to fill in the list of equivalent courses (The list is currentyl being revised. Contact your Joint Study advisor for a draft of the list.) and to get all signatures from the professors, programme coordinator and dean at the list at the beginning of your studys. Your study plan for the TRANSFOR-M programme is a guideline but only with the signed list of equivalent courses your courses from the canadian University can be credited here at BOKU. The list of equivalent courses must be signed fully signed (student, lecturer, programme coordinator, dean of studys) before your departure to the canadian institute. 

Contact your programme coordinator for the crediting of the courses with the list of equivalent courses.
On the equivalence list you make suggestions for credits and grade conversion. This is then reviewed in Studienservices and confirmed by the Dean of Students by signature, if applicable.
Instructions for converting credits: Courses-Codes-Credits List
Notes on the conversion of grades: Grade conversion after study abroad

Check FAQ below for informaiton on how to fill in and how to submit the list!


Following documents should help you prepare your study plan and your equivalence list:


FAQ - Frequently asked questions about equivalence list

Please click on the headings:

Instructions - Filling in the equivalence list
Column name Explanations
"Course-Code" Here you enter the course codes of the courses you intend to take at the host institution.
"Designation of foreign program parts" Title of the course you intend to take at the host institution.
"Extent3 credits" Here you enter the amount of credits (credit points/creditos) at the host university or semester hours (not the conversion!).
"Recognition for course/examination according to Austrian curriculum" 

If you would like to have the course accredited for a compulsory or elective course of your curriculum, enter the title of the course included in the curriculum. If the conversion results in remaining ECTS, you can enter these in another line as the reminder "Free electives"/"FWF" and have them credited. (see example below)


"LV - Number" Here you enter the course-numbers of those courses, if you intend to have courses completed abroad credited for courses at BOKU.
"Course title4"

Title of the course, if you intend to have courses completed abroad credited for courses at BOKU. 

If you intend to credit the course only as a free elective course, just enter "Free electives"/"FWF". (see example below)

"PF/WPF/WF/FW5" What is the status of the BOKU course for which you would like to receive credit for the course completed abroad. PF = compulsory course, WPF = compulsory elective course, WF = elective subject, FW = free elective.
"Extent ECTS according to conversion"

Here you convert the credits of the host university into ECTS and enter the amount of ECTS. Information on conversions can be found in the document Courses-Codes-Credits or (if not available) on request from the Joint Study Coordinator.

"**OK v. LV-Leiter*in" Here you collect the signatures of the course instructors (for credit for required and elective courses).
  • Courses planned/completed at the host university and courses to be recognized must be compared so that the desired recognition is clearly recognizable and comprehensible. Something must always be entered on the left (= courses completed or to be completed) as well as on the right (= courses to be recognized).
  • Remove additional empty lines and do not submit completely empty pages.
  • Pre-fill the names of the BOKU course instructors- illegible signatures are otherwise difficult to assign.
  • Signatures may not be copied together by hand under any circumstances - not even from documents you have obtained yourself. This is a criminal forgery of documents or signatures.
  • If corrections are made to an equivalence list, signatures may have to be obtained again.
  • Equivalence lists must be submitted for recognition as a PDF, not as a Word document


What signatures do I need on the list of equivalence? How do I submit?

You will need the following signatures for the list of equivalency (before going abroad):

  • Your signature
  • The signature of your subject coordinator at BOKU
  • If applicable, the signatures of compulsory course instructors (also applies to elective courses) at BOKU.
  • The signature of the BOKU Dean of Studies

All signatures - except that of the Dean of Studies - accepted online. For the original signature of the Dean of Studies, please send the list of equivalences, already with all other signatures, by mail to Study Services (anerkennungen@boku.ac.at), and have it signed by Dean of Studies, Prof. Peyerl. Do NOT contact the Dean of Studies or the Head of Examination Services directly and use only your BOKU students e-mail address.
Expect an average processing time of 2-4 weeks and plan enough time for necessary corrections --> Start early with your equivalence list. When the equivalency list is signed and ready for pick-up, you will be notified by mail from Student Services. (Collection by authorized person is possible).

ATTENTION: Copying other people's signatures is a forgery of documents! It is your responsibility to get all signatures complete and on time! Otherwise it may affect your funding and the crediting of your subjects at BOKU (Incomplete lists cannot be processed!) If the signature of the Dean of Studies is not obtained on the equivalence list before your stay, it cannot be issued on the equivalence list after your stay!!!

Please take into account the processing deadlines!

Do I also need to obtain the signature of the course instructor for elective course credit?

Since October 1st 2020, you have to obtain the signatures of the course directors of both specialized and compulsory courses and elective courses if you want to have courses completed at the host institution credited for the corresponding BOKU courses. If you only want to have the courses of the host university credited as free elective courses, you only need the signature of the departmental coordinator.

Individual crediting - Recognition of individual courses

Completion of an equivalence list and obtaining all signatures is mandatory and must be done before departure to the partner university.

If there is no signed equivalence list before departure, the courses must be recognized via individual crediting at BOKU. Recognition therefore cannot be guaranteed and each individual case will be reviewed.

Information on recognition of courses: Recognition

Guidelines for recognition for students: Guidelines