TRANSFOR-M with BOKU as home university

TRANSatlantic FORestry Master (TRANSFOR-M)

TRANSFOR-M is a two-year, course-based exchange programme leading to a European and a Canadian Master's degree in Forestry and Environmental Management. TRANSFOR-M students are trained in modern sustainable forestry and environmental management approaches that are sensitive to cultural and situational differences. They acquire an expanded global perspective that takes into account multicultural perspectives on environmental, economic and cultural issues. Students can choose from a range of Master's programmes offered by participating departments and universities. Each student will spend one year in Canada and one year in Europe in an English-language Master's programme.

Project website:

TRANSFOR-M students with BOKU as host university find more information on following website:

This is the information website for students who want's to apply for the TRANSFOR-M programme!

Host universities

For (future) students from BOKU 4 Canadian universities are eligible for a 1-year exchange starting with the winter semester (fall semester)

Steps (in chronological order)

  1. Application 
  2. Admission
  3. After the admission
  4. 1st year (BOKU)
  5. 2nd year (in Canada)
  6. Defensio and Graduation

1. Application

Application documents

  • TRANSFOR-M Application form: Application form
  • Free-form CV (1-2 pages)
  • 2 TRANSFOR-M Letters of recommendation (3 for UBC as hosting university): Letter of Recommendation
  • Letter of motivation (not more than 2 pages)
  • Academic transcripts of current and previous degrees
    Language certificate: English (if not native language or language of instruction)

Please note that applications in 2022 with University of British Columbia are not possible.

Send your application documents to  before the deadline.

  • Final selection by the TRANSFOR-M Committee in January
  • You will be informed in writing about the outcome of the selection interview (including a TRANSFOR-M letter of acceptance).

We seek to promote equal opportunities and access, inclusion and fairness across all our actions. We explicitly encourage students with special needs or from underrepresented groups to apply. Please find more information on facilities for students with special needs and visit the website of the Coordination office for Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Disability.

2. Admission

Note regarding the information on all legal aspects of the study programme (admission, examinations, graduation,....): Only the information available on the BOKU Study Services websites is legally binding.

Admission for students with national/international qualifications

  1. Application for full admission to an English-language Master's programme at BOKU. (Mountain Forestry
  2. Application and admission at the host university. After your nomination at the partner university, you have to fulfil all admission requirements at the host university. The TRANSFOR-M committee will assist you with the application and admission process.

3. After admission (before the start of the semester at BOKU)

Registration and enrolment at BOKU

  1. Online - pre-registration
  2. Register as a Master student at BOKU(in person) (e.g.Mountain Forestry 

4. 1st year at BOKU (home university)

  • Course attendance
  • In the second semester:
    • Preparations for final thesis (see Master's thesis, Defensio and Graduation)
    • Preparations for the mobility year in Canada
      • Equivalence list and study plan must be approved before departure for courses to be credited
      • Submit for funding via Joint Study Freemover Scholarship or KUWI (for further information and deadlines see Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Grants)
      • Additional preparations for your stay in Canada together with partner university

5. 2nd year at host university

  • Start in Canada in the winter semester (Fall semester)
    • Start at the Canadian partner university only possible in the fall semester

  • Course attendance/research work/Master's thesis
  • Make sure that you are enrolled as a student at BOKU for the entire duration of the programme. Also during your stay at the Canadian university. This means that you have to pay your ÖH-fee every semester: If you have to pay tuition fees, you also have to pay them every semester.

Reports on stays abroad via TRANSFOR-M: 

Master's thesis, Defensio and Graduation


  1. Search for topic and supervisors (one at BOKU, one at host institution)
  2. Completion of form and confirmation by Programme Academic Coordinators : TRANSFOR-M Thesis : TRANSFOR-M Abschlussarbeit: Thesis/Major Essay
  3. Registration of the thesis with the BOKU Study Services (before departure in the second year))

Defensio and Graduation

Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Grants

Tuition fees have to be paid at the home university. No tuition fees are due at the partner institution. Find out here if you have to pay tuition fees 

Scholarships and Grants for Full-Study

Mobility Scholarships (for Canada)

English Master Programmes & Programme Coordinators

BOKU english Master programmes

Mountain Forestry:

Programme Coordinator Mountain Forestry: Prof. Georg Gratzer


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU
BOKU-International Relations

TRANSFOR-M Administrative Coordinator

Kyril Sattlberger

Peter Jordan-Straße 82a, A-1190 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 47654-32015

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