ERASMUS+ grant for students

You can participate in an Erasmus+ program for 12 months per study level. Study visits, internships or Blended Intensive Programs (BIP) can be freely combined. Participation in a BIP is therefore offset against these 12 months.

Within the framework of an Erasmus+ grant for Blended Intensive Programs (BIPs) you can receive the following grants:

  • For 1-14 days stay: 79 Euro/day (study year 2023/24)
    (from day 15-30: 56 Euro/day)
    ATTENTION! Due to the current budget availability, there is a maximum funding period for short-term mobilities of 14 days!

  • Green Travel-Top Up for environmentally friendly travel (bus, train, carpooling): 50 Euro/lump sum

  • Top Up for students with fewer opportunities (students with child, disabilities or chronic illnesses): 100 euros/lump sum
    (does not apply for students that receive study grants ("Studienbeihilfe")

  • Additional inclusion support: real cost reimbursement for participants with disabilities/chronic illness. This refers to additional expenses incurred in the context of mobility of persons with disabilities.

  • Students with fewer opportunities also receive travel cost support depending on the distance (including those receiving study grants!)


  •     Only "mobile" participants will receive an Erasmus+ grant, i.e. participants from the host university will not receive an Erasmus+ grant.

  •     There is no legal entitlement to the grant. The award per academic year is subject to budget availability.

When do I receive the funds?

You will receive the Erasmus+ grant after the end of the BIP and after submission of all final documents.

The real cost inclusion support, can also be paid before the start of the BIP upon presentation of the supporting documents.



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