Most courses are carried out in units of two semester hours per week (90 minutes, 1 semester hour = 45 minutes). The semester usually lasts 15 weeks. Due to reasons of teaching organisation or the course content, some courses also take the form of blocks (e.g. 3 hours every two weeks or 2 full days). For most course types, attendance is compulsory (but not for lectures).
Of course, we recommend that you attend all lessons for the courses you have enrolled in. However, at BOKU, lessons quite often overlap (especially if you’re enrolled in a Master programme or if you’re not following a curriculum).
Therefore, it is important to consider which courses require attendance and which don’t.

Courses with compulsory attendance usually have limited student numbers. It is very important to attend the first class! If you do not attend the first course unit, your place may be given to a student from the waiting list. 

Course type overview: 

  • Lecture (VO)
    A lecture usually covers 2 teaching hours a week (1 hour = 45 minutes). The attendance is not compulsory and usually places are not limited (exception: room size). They are usually held by professors. Grades are based on a written or oral exam at the end of the term. Make sure you talk to your teachers first if you miss classes, arrive late or leave early on a regular basis!           
  • Exercise (UE)
    The emphasis in exercise courses is on the acquisition of practical knowledge. Students are expected to actively participate in class. Therefore, attendance is mandatory.
  • Seminar (SE)
    Seminars serve the purpose of acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge. In most cases, assessment is based either on a final exam or a term paper that has to be submitted by the student. Active class participation is required. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Further Course Types
    Internship (PR)
    Mandatory practical seminar (PP)
    Bachelor's seminar (BA)
    Master's seminar (MA)
    Excursion (EX)
    Project (PJ)
    Lecture and seminar (VS)
    Lecture and exercise (VU)
    Lecture and Excursion (VX)
    Seminar and excursion (SX)
    Exercise and excursion (UX)