German Courses during the Semester

Courses offered:

German for Beginners I (A1): this course is offered in the winter semester only

The course imparts basic knowledge of the German language and enables the participants to communicate in German in every day situations and to express opinions about basic subjects. Costs: € 130

German for Beginners II (A1+, with previous knowledge): this course is offered in the summer semester only

The students' knowledge of basic German grammar and vocabulary is gradually built upon and the four language abilities reading, writing, listening and speaking are systematically trained. Costs:  € 130 

German conversation (intermediate level)- offered in summer and winter semester

In the winter semester we offer German Conversation II, in the summer semester German Conversation III. The aim of the German Conversation classes on intermediate level is to improve and substaniate your oral language skills and fluent speaking. Discussion topics may be chosen by the students. Costs: € 130

German for BOKU-specific subjects (B2+) - offered in summer and winter semester

This course teaches and deepens advanced grammar and specific vocabulary relevant to BOKU-students. It also focuses on stylistic aspects and idiomacy. The course is particularily suited for Erasmus-students who have knowledge of the German language on intermediate to advanced level. Costs: € 130, free of charge for students of the Erasmus-programme.

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German Intensive Course before the start of the semester

Our German intensive course on beginner level and our German intensive course on intermediate to advance level are especially designed for incoming students at BOKU. The course for beginners is also suitable for full-time BOKU students who have no knowledge of German.

The two-week intensive courses take place before the start of the semester (in September and February) and consists of 50 course units (5 course units and 4 hours of teaching per day). The detailed timetable will be discussed in the first course unit. The course takes place if a minimum of 12 students registered for the course.

250 €

Course credits:

ATTENTION: please note that this course is not a letter-graded course and there is no final exam. Rather, the course focuses on interactive teaching and learning and you will be credited with 3 ECTS with "participated with success" if you participate regularly and actively in class.

  • German Intensive Course for Beginners
    This course is suited for students who have no previous knowledge of the language and comparts the basics of spoken and written German. The content focus lies on cultural aspects of studying and living in Austria.
  • German Intensive Course on Lower intermediate to advanced level
    The course is designed for students who have previous knowledge of the language on an intermediate to advanced level. It is also suitable for you, if you who have learnt the language, but not spoken it for a while and need a refreshing of your skills. We also recommend this course for students with Dutch as mother tongue.

Registration for German Intensive Courses


Students who are not native german speakers and struggle with the cost of a BOKU German course can apply to the ÖH BOKU Aid Fund for financial support. The funds is a social programme by ÖH BOKU (Students Union) and is meant to support students with study related barriers such as a language barrier. It is not a refund of the course fee. Applicants need to have successfully completed the german course as well as 8 ECTS at BOKU (including the course ECTS).

For more info:

Mag.a Elke Gigl

  • German intensive course (intermediate)
  • German for BOKU-specific subjects A (B2+)
  • German for beginners I (A1)
  • German Conversation

Elke Gigl studied German and philosophy at the University of Vienna and at the University of Basel. She was employed at the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz and has international experience as a teacher trainer at the University of Nitra, the University of Hohenheim, the Timirjasev Academy in Moscow and the University of Nowosibirsk. She teaches German as a foreign language, as well as presentation techniques at a number of different organisations. She has taught German courses at the BOKU for many years, namely the ‘German intensive course on intermediate to advanced level’ and the semester courses ‘German for Beginners’, ‘German Conversation’ and ‘German for Science and Technology’.

Mag. Paul Heinz

  • German intensive course for beginners
  • Hungarian I (A1)
  • Hungarian II (A1+)

Paul Heinz studied translation and interpretation with the languages German, Russian and Hungarian at the University of Vienna. He has worked as a conference interpreter and language teacher for Hungarian and German for many years. He has taught Hungarian at BOKU since 1998, and has worked as a teacher on the German intensive course for beginners since 2008.