General Information

Every semester we offer English courses on the intermediate and advanced levels B1+, B2, B2+. Further, we offer the advanced one-year course English for Science and Technology on level C1. If you have not participated in one of our English courses before, please take the English Entrance Test in BOKUlearn and register for the course level according to the test result.If you have taken English lessions with us before, please simply register for the next course level. In order to participate in English for Science and Technology, you need to have completed English IV (grades A and B) or have equivalent experience of a study-year abroad at an English-speaking university or within an English-speaking programme of study.

Semester courses

General English Brush up (B1+)

The aim of this course (120103) is to brush up your English skills. Students who have studied the language on an intermediate to advanced level, but have not practised the language for a while or still have difficulties putting their knowledge into practise, will particularly benefit from this course. By the end of this course you will have revised the key elements of English grammar and significantly improved your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and will feel more confident communicating in English, both in written and oral form. Interactive exercises and activities will help students to correctly use English verb tenses in various contexts and situations. Students will learn various vocabulary and phrases needed for discussing the topics in English. You can find detailed information about the course, including learning outcomes, course accreditation and the scheduled teaching dates, on BOKUonline. Course fee: €130

English III (B2): Preparation for stays abroad and standardized language tests

The main focus of English III (120104) lies on familiarising students with the international, standardized test form IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and on teaching them the skills and competences to pass the IELTS exam on the level 5.5. to 6.0. The course is also ideal for students who want to prepare for a study-year abroad at an English-speaking university. Students will learn to comprehend IELTS-based, standardized texts and audio files and to write texts on level B2. You can find detailed information about the course, including learning outcomes, course accreditation and the scheduled teaching dates, on BOKUonline. Course fee: €130.

English IV (B2+): Preparation for English for Science and Technology

English IV (120105) will continue working from the material covered in English III and the textbook Focus on IELTS. The aims of English IV also include: enlarging vocabulary (scientific as well as general), learning to summarise and report, note taking, and working with tables and graphs. English IV aims to prepare students for Fachsprache as well as to familiarise them with IELTS, which is quickly becoming the most widely used English testing service for academic and immigration purposes. You can find detailed information about the course, including learning outcomes, course accreditation and the scheduled teaching dates, on BOKUonline. Course fee: €130.

One year course (October - June)

English for Science and Technology (C1)

English for Specific Purposes is offered as a lecture with exercise character running for two consecutive semesters. It is suitable for Bachelor-students on an advanced level or students of Master
programmes, who have completed the course English IV with success. Its aim is to acquaint students with the basic and most common academic and scientific communication assets in English or 'Globish', rather. Predefined tasks are: individually drafting and presenting a scientific poster and writing a 1500 word scientific paper on a topic of choice. Terminology and glossary work will allow for specific vocabulary building and regular topic related debates which are prepared by specific articles and texts will enhance the participant's ability to argue and present in English in a factual and substantive manner. Please find more info in BOKUonline. Costs: free of costs for BOKU students.

Mag.a Swantje Cooper


  • English IV (B2+)
  • English for BOKU-specific subjects (Science and Technology, C1)

Swantje Cooper grew up in Austria as well as in Turkey where she attended English schools; lived, worked and studied in the United States, Latin America, Central Asia, India and Austria. Graduated from the University of Graz with a degree in interpreting.
Work experience as English lecturer, interpreter and translator, intercultural communications coach, project manager, workshop coordinator, event manager, creative trainer, team builder, hospice care-giver.
Her focus in teaching lies on eliciting an understanding for context and a “larger picture” as well as on coaxing students to leave their comfort zone, because Swantje is convinced that this is where true science begins and where profound learning happens.

Cristina Flitner, B.A.

  • English IV (B2+)
  • English for BOKU-specific subjects (Science and Technology, C1)

After earning a B.A. in Economics in the USA, Cristina began teaching English in Italy while completing a diploma at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She also worked in summer English programs in Spa, Belgium and in Canterbury, England. Cristina started teaching at BOKU in 2000 when she moved to Vienna. She has also taught English at the United Nations, the BFI and the Technikum in Vienna and is currently employed at different institutes and has extensive experience in academic writing, intercultural communication, business English and technical writing and presenting as well as the editing of articles for publication.

MMag.a Elisabeth Weber


  • General English brush up (B1+)
  • English III (B2)
  • Introduction to academic agricultural English

Mag. Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Weber has received university degrees for Teaching English, Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy and English and American Studies. She also holds a Doctorate degree in English Linguistics and is currently working towards her Doctorate degree in Didactics. She has worked extensively as an instructor at a secondary and a tertiary level for more than 15 years. At BOKU, she currently teaches English language courses for students and works as a teacher trainer & educator, providing didactics courses for university instructors, working as a coach for lecturers. She is responsible for the didactic concept and successful implementation of BOKU's ESP course "Introduction to Academic Agricultural English" for which she was honoured with the first prize of BOKU's Teaching Award 2014. She is especially interested in teaching English and teacher professionalisation.