The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, the "University of Life", is one of the leading universities of life sciences. It sees itself as a teaching and research centre for renewable resources, which are a prerequisite for human life. It is BOKU's task to make a decisive contribution to securing these foundations of life for future generations through the diversity of its subject areas. By combining natural sciences, technology and economics, BOKU seeks to increase knowledge about the ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources in a harmonious cultural landscape.

But for BOKU, the respect of human dignity, the recognition of the diversity of society and the appreciation of its potential are also a matter of course. At BOKU, these basic principles precede all decisions and measures.

In its function as an employer and as a research and educational institution, BOKU strives to create equal opportunities as well as non-discriminatory and career-promoting working and study conditions.

Accordingly, a number of measures have been and are being taken at BOKU in the areas of equal treatment, promotion of women and diversity, and protection against discrimination for all BOKU members has been ensured.

In recent years, the measures have focused on coaching and support programmes for female BOKU members (e.g. coaching programme "Women Science Circle" for female professors, call for applications for Dirmhirn career positions), measures to promote networking opportunities for women (BOKU Farmers' Day, running team for the Austrian Women's Run, we4DRR network, awarding travel grants) and the presentation of female role models as well as targeted awareness-raising measures.

Gender and diversity research is present at BOKU (e.g. Dirmhirn Förderpreis, Dirmhirn Scholarship), and courses with gender-specific content are also offered.

In order to motivate girls in particular to study technology or science, BOKU participates annually in the programmes "Women in Technology" and "Vienna Daughter's Day".

The first steps towards the development of a diversity strategy and a corresponding diversity management have been taken. The two short films "intercultural snapshots @ boku 1 and 2" were also produced to promote the intercultural competence of BOKU members.

At BOKU, the Equal Opportunities Working Party, the Coordination Center for Equal Opportunities, Advancement of Women and Gender, the Ethics Platform, the Centre for Development Research, the Arbitration Commission and the Support Unit for People with Special Needs have been set up. The ÖH-BOKU offers the "Department for Women* and Feminist Politics" and the "Queer Department" as contact points.

The BOKU is also committed to equal opportunities for people with disabilities or chronic or mental illnesses and takes targeted measures for equal participation in teaching, research and administrative activities.

The BOKU also regards the consideration of family care tasks and duties as its task when organising professional life or studies and is therefore endeavouring to constantly improve the framework conditions for reconciling work/study and family care duties (e.g. childcare services, support for family carers).